The 3rd new raw material, Oligopeptide-215 successfully registered in IECIC


On June 17, Oligopeptide-215 successfully registered in IECIC, which is our third new cosmetic ingredient in IECIC list since the Chinese New Cosmetic Regulations came out in 2021.


Oligopeptide-215 is Winkey’s second self-developed structural innovation ingredients. It inspired by a miraculous supernatural creature-Salamander which has potent regenerative power, and ultimately was developed with drug development techniques, having powerful skin repairing and anti-aging effect that could be used as EGF alternatives. 

Oligopeptide-215, as a new peptide compound, has various advantages in the development of new raw materials. 

  • Excellent molecular design technology 

  • Mature R&D system 

  • Strong belief in innovation 

Oligopeptide-215 further enriches the peptide skin care system of Winkey Technology and opens up a new path for market selection. Its application research has been fully carried out recently, and will create high-efficiency formulation solutions to provide cosmetics companies with products of high quality.