WKPep®Conopeptide is an active peptide original from ocean creature- conus, which mimics natural μ-conotoxin working on tightening the skin and anti-wrinkle. It blocks channel Nav1.4 that allows to remain part of muscle potential transmission with advantage of bringing the natural facial expression and tightening feeling compare to Botox injection. It is applicable for tightening and anti-wrinkle formula.

INCI Name: s-Mu-conotoxin CnIIIC

Function: Anti-wrinkle

Recommended use level: 1-5%


Although acetylcholine was released and combine with its receptor nmAChR, WKPep®Conopeptide specifically blocked Nav1.4 channel, Na+ inflow is blocked, muscle action potential is not able to be done, the expression muscles are relaxed, and wrinkles are prevented and reduced.


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